Specialist Flue Service

  • 4 very large fireplace flue systems, with large "Exhausto" fans, in the new Royal Palace in Bahrain.
  • A further 2 fireplace flue systems for a visitors lodge in the palace grounds.
  • Mod's to a flue system in Buckingham Palace using an Exhausto fan.
  • Free-standing chimney 20 metres high at RAF Feltwell
  • Free-standing multi-core chimney 30 metres high at Sutton Civic Centre
  • Lining existing chimneys for new water heaters at Hatfield House
  • New fanned flue system for 5 boilers at Hatfield House
  • 3 free-standing chimneys at St Peters Hospital, Chertsey
  • 4 boiler house renovations for Cambridge University
  • New boiler flues and chimney lining at Brent Town Hall
  • Heathfield School for London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
  • 47 fireplace chimney systems with "Exhausto" fans at Manresa Road, London
  • 3 fan assisted boiler chimney systems at Manresa Road, London
  • 16 fan / flue dilution systems in Hounslow

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